Phonics Professional Training

Synthetic Phonics es el método de enseñanza lectivo decretado oficialmente por el Ministerio de Educación Británicos

Phonics Professional Training 

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Phonics Professional Training with Coral George (2017)

Coral George: Synthetic Phonics Trainer, Coral has trained teachers in Spain, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Pakistan, Malaysia, Portugal, Mexico and the USA.


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Lugar: Jolly Academy (C/ María Cristina, 109. Novelda)
Precio: 195€ (comida, material y diploma certificado)
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The Training will include

  • Advantages in teaching to read and write in a bilingual/trilingual context.
  • Theory and Literature about Synthetic Phonics.
  • Best author's advice.
  • Practical Ideas to develop Jolly Phonics in the classroom. Presentation of sounds with movements, pronunciation.
  • Sound-grapheme correspondence.
  • Speed sounds lessons (More complex sounds, digraphs, split digraphs).
  • Resource pack developed by Sue Lloyd, CD.
  • Resources developed by teachers to implement Jolly Phonics.
  • The use of print /cursive writing in infants. 
  • List of “Decodable Books” available in the market.
  • Storybook and Get Writing lessons - using phonic knowledge to decode appropriately leveled storybooks, also focusing strongly on comprehension, writing and spelling activities and skills). These reading and writing activities help the children to apply their phonic knowledge to improve their skills in all areas of literacy.
  • Timetable and organisation applied to your specific literacy situation.
  • Advice on parent training evenings.
  • Advice on recordings for your future “Inset Trainings”.
  • Teacher TV. Internet Links.
  • Attendance Certificate.


Phonics Professional Training with Beki Wilson (2016)


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Cursos de entrenamiento para profesores y personas interesadas en desarrollar el Método Phonics en la enseñanza del aprendizaje del inglés

Dirigido a profesores y personas interesadas en adquirir habilidades en la enseñanza del Método Phonics para enseñanza de inglés en niños a partir de 3 años. Entrenamiento interactivo, con juegos, canciones, estrategias para desarrollar el método adecuadamente en el aula, y que los niños aprendan los 42 sonidos de la lengua inglesa, incluidos los dígrafos.
Impartido por Beki Wilson, formadora y asesora oficial del Método Phonics en España 

This course is based on the introduction and implementation of Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) at school or at home with young learners or beginners, focusing on the first year and introduction to the Jolly Phonics programme.

In-depth instruction is given on how to implement the 5 main principles or core skills introduced in Jolly Phonics using a multi-sensory approach to teaching. With many simple, practical ideas and activities, this course is ideal for parents and teachers in any educational setting and no experience of phonics is necessary to be able to attend the course.

This course will cover main areas of the Early Years curriculum such as:

  1. Learning English as a second language.

  2. Introducing reading and writing skills to young learners.

  3. Reinforcing language comprehension and language acquisition.

  4. Supporting pronunciation through games and age-appropriate activities.

  5. Developing fine and gross motor skills through songs, chants, rhymes and creative activities.

  6. Encouraging participation in the classroom setting.

Advice is also given on how to use various Jolly Phonics resources such as The Jolly Phonics Handbook, mnemonic techniques, puppets and Finger Phonics storybooks and all clients receive an official Certificate of Attendance from Jolly Learning Ltd plus a certificate of attendance stating the date and duration of the training event on completion of the course.

The Jolly Phonics programme can adapted for any age learner and is appropriate for children learning to read and write in a second language. Skills such as language and acquisition language comprehension can be implemented on a daily basis through the use of stories, songs, rhymes and chants and the programme allows for flexibility when planning for other areas of the curriculum such as topic areas and Early Years themes.


9:25 - 9:40

  • Course registration.

9:40 - 11:30

  • An introduction into Synthetic Phonics.

  • The benefits of Jolly Phonics as a synthetic phonics programme.

  • The complicated English Alphabetic Code – let ́s crack it!

  • The 5 Core Skills of Jolly Phonics.

  • The Simple View of Reading

  • Language and reading comprehension.

  • The importance and benefits of reading aloud to young leaners.

  • The basic code and 42 Letter Sounds & pronunciation skills.

  • Introducing the Letter Sounds through stories using multi-sensory strategies.

  • Decodable words/books: crucial for reading and writing.

11:30 - 11:50

  • Coffee break & time for questions.

11:50 - 13:30

  • Role-play.

  • Letter formation and fine motor skills through the use of creative activities.

  • Adapting writing skills practice.

13:30 - 14:30

  • Lunch break / free Time

14:30 – 16:15

  • Importance of blending and decoding.

  • Decoding techniques, games and activities: how to work out unknown words.

  • Identifying sounds in words (spelling and encoding).

  • Dictation and independent writing.

  • Tricky Words: how to introduce irregular words.

  • Time for phonics: put your skills into practice.

16:15 – 16:30

Time for questions & Certificate of Attendance are presented.


Curso 11 de Septiembre 'Jolly Grammar 1&2´ (Para el óptimo aprovechamiento de este curso es interesante haber realizado previamente  'A complete introduction into Synthetic Phonics') 

Información e inscripciones
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Jolly Grammar 1 & 2 follows on from Jolly Phonics to the second and third years of the programme and is suitable for the early primary stages. Letter sound knowledge is revised and refined and basic grammar concepts are introduced such as verbs, adjectives, nouns, sentence structures and the alphabet.

The first step of the programme or the Jolly Phonics Handbook introduces the first 42 main letter sounds or the “simple” or “basic” alphabetic code, concentrating on the 5 core skills that are necessary for reading, writing and spelling such as blending (decoding) and segmenting (encoding) words.

By the end of the first year of the programme the majority of the children should be able to:

1) Read and write the first 42 letter sounds.

2) Hold a pencil correctly with the tripod grip.

3) Read and write short, simple, decodable words such as “sit”, “rain”, “bat”, etc.

4) Read and write some of the Tricky Words.

Jolly Grammar consists of 2 lesson plans per week that are introduced over the 36 weeks in a typical school year. One weekly lesson plan continues to revise and introduce both familiar and new letter sounds and the second weekly lesson plan is dedicated to introducing basic grammar concepts to young children in a simple yet structured manner.

Jolly Grammar is a multi-sensory programme that uses colour and actions to help introduce basic grammar concepts and there are many fun activity ideas and lesson plans that can be adapted and used in any educational setting.

This course is suitable for preschool and primary school teachers.

9:30 to 13:30
  • Introducing basic grammar concepts using a multi-sensory approach to teaching.
  • Spelling and grammar content and progression over two years.
  • Examples of weekly spelling and grammar lessons.
  • Sentence construction using practical ideas and activities: sentence puzzles, independent writing and simple dictations.
  • Introducing proper and common nouns through visual props and games: cameras.
  • Comprehension and vocabulary activities using simple storyboards.

11:30 to 11:45

  • Coffee Break (free time)

11:45 to 13:30

  • Introducing the alternative sounds and split digraphs (Magic E).
  • Regular and irregular verbs: to be.
  • ESL teaching through projects and art.
  • Kung-Fu Punctuation: punctuation fun for everyone!
  • The Adjective Snake.
  • Words webs and synonyms.
  • Compound Word Birds and charades.
  • Dictionary skills.
  • Speech Marks through storytelling and role-play.

All delegates receive an official Certificate of Attendance from Jolly Learning Ltd on completion of the course. Online support is offered throughout the year.

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